OSAKA, Japan, 1 February, 2024 ― Nippon Resibon Corporation has developed “Spidernet,” a new product specializing in flat surface polishing. 

In addition to flat surface polishing, Spidernet removes rust and burn marks and levels the material without damaging the workpiece. Its special net structure prevents clogging and grinding burns, and the visible gaps in the wheel make pinpoint polishing easy.

When it comes to surface polishing, Spidernet holds its shape better than traditional flap discs. While the edge of a flap disc becomes rounded with wear, Spidernet maintains its straight edge, delivering a flat polish for quality and long-lasting performance.

Resibon will continue to promote Spidernet both domestically and overseas. The product will be displayed at Resibon’s booth at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany in March 2024.

About Nippon Resibon Corporation

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