Custom-made Resibon prepreg composites

Four strength to support your business.

  • POINT:01

    Wide size impregnation

    Impregnation width up to 1,600mm.

  • POINT:02Extensive vendors

    Variety of materials available from domestic/international vendors

  • POINT:03Short run production

    Lot production available from 50m length

  • POINT:04Short lead time

    Shortest delivery by 2 weeks from receipt of PO.

Prepreg composites

Prepreg composites are intermediate goods which variety of fibers, such as glass cloth and carbon fiber,are impregnated into thermal resins and dried into partially cured state.

  • 【基材】

    Fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.

  • 【樹脂】

    Phenol, epoxy resin, etc.

  • 【複合材料】

    【Composite Material】


  • Abrasive wheels reinforcement
  • Automobiles
  • Aircrafts
  • Wind Turbines
  • Helmets

Reinforcement for abrasive grinding wheels, Reinforcement for tunnels and bridge piers, Helmets, Wire mesh for mosquito coils, Automobiles, Aircrafts, Wind power generators, and Materials for CFRP.

Variety of compositions are available for each applications

Preperg composites have various composition of fibers and resin. Our domestic and international supply network enable custum-made production suites to clients application.

Custom-made preperg composites available from material selection

Variety of custom-made prepreg composites available upon request.

Adjusting mixture of resins depending on demand. Specific resin mixtures available upon request.
Consulting the selection of base materials depending on client's demand.
Delivery available in roll, sheet cut to length, and die cut.

Production process of prepreg composites

1:Place whole cloth into the machine. 2:【Dipping tank】Impregnate thermoset resin. Two different resins can be impregnated in one process. 3:【Dryer】The dryer (approx. 7m height) is set to high temperature by steam. The temperature is adjusted automatically depending on the products. 4:Winding impregnated cloth. 5:Cutting cloth into requested dimensions.

List of materials


  • Epoxy
  • Phenol
  • Melamine
  • Unsaturated polyester


  • Glass
  • Carbon
  • Aramid
  • Basalt
  • Polyethylene
  • Aluminum evaporation glass
  • woven cloth of left fabric and non-woven cloth

Production Overview

Full support from product development to lot production.

  • STEP:01
    Selection of material

    Selecting suitable material for client's demand. Supplied material from client is also available.

  • STEP:02
    Small trials

    Small size trials available for testing.
    ※Sizes available from A4 to A3.
    ※Trial molding available in 200mm square.

  • STEP:03
    Trial samples in 3 production machine

    Producing trial sample with our production machine available per one hour
    ※The machine will be operated by our staff.

  • STEP:04

    Lot production available from 50m length.


Impregnation machine

Impregnation machine

Automatic cutting machine

Automatic cutting machine

Experiment room

Experiment room

Prototype machine

Prototype machine

Tensile tester

Tensile tester

Manual hot press

Manual hot press

Department Overview

Location 358, Kamiokacho Azumo, Hida, Gifu 506-1147
Business Manufacturing and distribution of pregperg composites