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"Manufacturer's Ability" should be defined as taking the lead over the continuous changes in the market trend, and also importantly grasp real needs and voice of customers, which should be delivered as "the products" in speedy manner.

In 1960s, the founder of Nippon Resibon, Hiroshi Akita, invented the world's first flexible grinding wheels, which is bendable wheels and becomes epoch making products. The innovation was born from the voice of the customers who wished to have the wheels to grind easily on the curved surface.
Since then, with our pride of leading the technology of "grinding", "polishing", and "cutting", we, Nippon Resibon, has been committed to create further technological advancement.
After the half century since the establishment, 75% of wheels supplied by Nippon Resibon group are currently consumed in the global market.
Not only material supply, but also production facilities and sales market have been limitlessly globalized, together with all of our staffs, I aim the management that can deliver the best products reflecting the real voice of the customers as quickly as possible, without changing the essence of the "Manufacturing".
Nippon Resibon, as the leading company of "grinding", "polishing" and "cut-off" wheels, continues to work together to enhance the level of the " Manufacturer's Ability" and fly towards the global market in the next half century Finally,
I would really appreciate all of you for continuing support and encouragement.