Core Businesses

Manufacturing & Sales of Resin-bonded Abrasive Products, Sales of Machinery Tools

Our original abrasive wheel manufacturing and its uncompromising quality and safety control.

Our commitment to grinding, polishing and cutting technologies reaches back to our founding. Behind Nippon Resibon's comprehensive suite of engineering services is a history of active involvement in every aspect of the grinding wheel business, from manufacturing to sales, and a legacy of products-ranging from machine tools to coated abrasive products-designed to bring new levels of safety, effectiveness, and efficiency to industrial grinding and polishing.
At the same time we have leveraged extensive experience in materials impregnation to develop proprietary materials for reinforcing grinding wheels.
Over time, the number of business fields and domains in which we are active has grown as a result of our commitment to listening and responding to the voices of our customers. The breadth of our operations today is both a distinguishing characteristics of our company as well as compelling evidence for our ability to meet a wide range of needs.

We are also cognizant that safety and environmental responsibility are critically important considerations that extend through every area of operations. In particular, we work to ensure safety by aggressively testing imported raw materials to isolate and quantitatively measure quality from the earliest stages of the manufacturing process. All employees share an awareness of the potential dangers posed by cutting, grinding and polishing tools, and we strive to provide safe, confidence-inspiring products through a regimen of strength testing and other inspections.
Our dedication to safety is matched by our commitment to quality. The Furukawa Factory and subsidiary Dia Resibon have both been certified under international ISO standards, and we scrutinize each manufacturing process, from molding to press work and baking, to ensure efficiency and safety. Nippon Resibon is a proven choice for consistent, reliable products.


Our composite department initiated from our passion for suppling safe products, later lead to in-house production of reinforcements for grinding wheels which is essential for its safety.
・ The reinforcement consists of composite material made from glass fiber cloth impregnated with phenol resin. Developing this technology, today, we manufacture variety of glass fiber impregnated reinforced plastics for intermediate goods called prepregs.
・ The demand of prepreg materials are increasing as energy-saving and weight-saving becomes the keyword of the time. As the demand increases, we started to receive many inquiries about developing new prepreg materials. Therefore, we offer total support from selection of materials, product development, and to production of prepreg materials.
・ Handling variety of materials including glass, carbon, epoxy, and phenol, we are making our best effort to respond to customers each requirement and improvement on technology and quality of the products.