Our Slogan

Flex mind

When we talk about "Flexmind" at Nippon Resibon, we are talking about an approach underpinned by creativity and flexibility--an approach that accounts for our proven ability to keep pace with changing times.

Solid Technology

You will see our accumulated knowledge and experience reflected in original products that have made us a leading manufacturer of depressed center grinding wheels for an extensive range of grinding and polising applications.In fact,we believe these techinical capabilities are our most enduring and valuable asset.


Corporate Principle

  • 1.To be worthy of employees' lifelong service
  • 2.To provide customers with the best possible products in the most reasonable manner
  • 3.To earn the trust of society

Code of Conduct

  1. 1.To act in good faith
  2. 2.To strive to do one's best
  3. 3.To expand one's horizons and polish one's skills

Concept of RESIBON

Concept of RESIBON

RESI refers to Resilience and Resin

  • Resin bonded abrasive wheels

  • Skill Touch Flexible Grinding Wheel

BON not only referes to skeleton bone itself but also represents its symbolic meaning as below

Symbol of Life as an attribute of charactristics of seed

Meaning of RESIBON

Meaning of RESIBON is to create new business as new life based on abrasive wheels, also as in maintainig its resilience.