NCA Brand history

April, 1963 Establishment of Nippon Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd. (NCA) to specialize in manufacturing Coated Abrasives with capital of 60,000,000YEN by Noritake Co., Ltd., which is the biggest grinding-wheel manufacturer in Japan.
Dec, 1964 Conclusion of technical agreement for manufacture of Coated Abrasives with Carborundum Co. of U.S.A.
Feb, 1965 Increase of capital to 240,000,000YEN. Completion of the main plant to start test run.
May, 1965 Increase of capital to 540,000,000YEN
Oct, 1965 Start up of operations at the main plant
Fed, 1966 Capital participation by Carborundum Co. of U.S.A.
Oct, 1967 Capital participation by Showa Denko Co., Ltd., which is the biggest abrasive grain supplier in Japan.
Jun, 1971 Started the following as new business
-Production & Sales of machinery for Coated Abrasives
-Production & Sales of Adhesive Tapes
-Production & Sales of Non-Woven Fabric Products
Jan, 1972 Started selling Adhesive Tapes
Apr, 1973 Construction of Noto plant in Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa Pref.
Jan, 1974 Completion of Noto plant for start-up of operations
Oct, 1976 Completion of the second phase construction at Noto plant
July, 1983 Purchase of all of Carborundum Co, ’s stocks by Noritake Co., Ltd. and Showa Denko Co., Ltd. to form a joined venture between these companies.
Sep, 1990 Completion of the third phase construction at Noto plant
Mar, 1998 Approved by ISO 9001
Dec, 1998 Purchase of all of Showa Denko Co., Ltd.’s stocks by Noritake Co., Ltd., to become a subsidiary of this company.
Mar, 1999 Reduction of capital to 450,000,000YEN
May, 2000 Approved by ISO 14001
Apr, 2001 Company name is changed to Noritake Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd. from Nippon Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Apr, 2003 The 40th Anniversary of the Foundation.
Apr, 2003 SCA (The Joint Venture Company in Thailand) Start-up of operation.