Our Vision

Our customer's favorite products. Our world recognized idea and technology. With taking pride as an industrial pioneer, we aim for faithful, more unique development of abrasive products.

Over a half of century since its establishment in 1958, Nippon Resibon have introduced unique products to the market such as; Super Series with three times durability and performance compared to conventional wheels, Colored Grinding wheel that changed the appearance of abrasive wheels, and industry's first invention of Flexible Grinding Wheels.

Because of these development, Nippon Resibon receives high reputation among domestic and international market and increasing world-wide market share with global business partners.

Our compnay history is also the history of Japanese industrial abrasive wheels.
Our vision is to expand the market with development of original grinding wheels that are corresponding with variety of requirements from end-users, with everyone of our staff take pride as an industrial pioneer.

Our History

Feb, 1958 Establishment of Nippon Resibon Seito Corporation in Nishinari-ward, Osaka city, Japan. Manifacturing abrasive grinding wheels.
Oct, 1962 Establishment of Kamioka Factory for specialised production of Skill Touch
Oct, 1964 Establishment of Furukawa Factory for specialised production of Depressed Center Grinding Wheels
Apr, 1966 Establishment of Terabayashi Factory for Glass Cloth impregnation process
Jun, 1974 Establishment of Ryowa Corporation by integrating domestic sales network (current consolidated subsidiary)
Apr, 1977 Relocation of head office to Nishi-ward, Oaska city
Apr, 1985 Change of company name from Nippon Resibon Seito Corporation to Nippon Resibon Corporation
Dec, 1987 Establishment of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD in Thailand thought joint-venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, THAI-MC CO.,LTD., and THAI CHEMICAL CORP. (current consolidated subsidiary)
Nov, 1988 Listed in Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange
May, 1992 Change in investment ratio of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. to 60%
Apr, 1997 Integration of abrasive wheel production department in Kamioka Factory to Furukawa Factory
Apr, 2000 ISO 9002 certification of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.
Mar, 2003 Change of division name from Furukawa Factory to Production Department for ISO 9001 certification due to the expansion of certificaiton of Composite Department.
Mar, 2006 Completion of new head quarter building
Apr, 2007 Completion of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. Rojana Factory
Oct, 2012 Relocation of Composite department to Kamioka Factory
Nov, 2012 Completion of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. Pinthong Factory
Jul, 2013 Listed in Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jun, 2014 Celebration of 40th Anniversary of Ryowa Corporation
Dec, 2014 Become an affiliates of Noritake Co., Limited
Mar, 2015 Delisted from Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jun, 2015 Acquired 100% ownership of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.
Dec, 2017 Celebration of 30th Anniversary of DIA RESIBON(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.
Feb, 2018 Celebration of 60th Anniversary
Jun, 2021 Became 100% subsidiary of NORITAKE CO., LIMITED.
Oct, 2022 Merged with Noritake Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Apr, 2024 Acquired 100% ownership of SIAM COATED ABRASIVE CO., LTD.