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About Resibon
Nippon Resibon has launched a number of popular products based on original ideas and technologies in the half-century since our founding in 1958, among them our Super Series, which boosts the abrasion and grinding performance of conventional tools by about three times; a coloring grinding wheel that transformed the industry’s perception of an entire product category; and a series of flexible grinding wheels that marked a first in the industry. Thanks to our record of innovation, we are well recognized both domestically in Japan and worldwide, and we are proud to supply a significant share of the world market in our product area. As we like to say, our history is the history of industrial grinding wheels in Japan. By specializing in the development of proprietary grinding wheels and cultivating heartfelt pride in their role as industry pioneers, Nippon Resibon employees help grow our market share while enhancing our ability to meet customer needs.
About Resibon
Establishment : February 4, 1958
Capital : JPY 1,128,200,000
Number of Employee : 270 persons (March 31, 2015)
President : Kenichi Horaguchi

Our Business
Manufacturing & Sales of Resin-bonded Abrasive Products, Sales of Machinery Tools

With the Furukawa Factory providing technical leadership, Nippon Resibon's Japanese manufacturing operations are calibrated to prioritize customer satisfaction. The emphasis on quality and integrity that extends throughout our manufacturing network is another expression of our philosophy of providing the best possible products in the most reasonable manner.
Dia Resibon has been playing a key role in Nippon Resibon’s overseas strategy since its incorporation in the Kingdom of Thailand in 1987. A globally competitive factory capable of manufacturing high-quality products that combine exceptional reliability and value, the company received certification under the ISO 9002 international quality measurement standard in 2000. (The company switched its certification to ISO 9001 in February 2003.) Additionally, the company launched its second Thai production facility in 2007 at Rojana. Dia Resibon stands ready to take advantage of future growth in abrasive products demand in Asia, the Middle East and North/Central/South America by moving quickly to build a new sales network and expand sales.
■ Head Office
• Overseas Business Department   22-10, Kitahorie 1-Chome, Nishi-Ku, Osaka 550-0014, JAPAN
TEL: 81-6-6538-0198 FAX: 81-6-6538-1990
■ Furukawa Factory
    260 Sugisaki, Furukawa-Cho, Hida-City, Gifu 509-4215, JAPAN
TEL: 81-577-73-3316 FAX: 81-577-73-5704
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